Practice Areas

Personal Injury

With big firms, you case can be rushed, the one on one commitment to your claim is missing. With Karen you have direct contact to your attorney, there are not case workers involved. Karen investigates cases thoroughly and she fights to enure her clients get the best results possible.

If you were the victim of an accident caused by someone else's carelessness or reckless behavior, contact the Karen for a free review of your case. Weather it's:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrians and bicycles
  • Premises liability (accidents on dangerous or poorly maintained properties, such as slip-and-fall accidents, swimming pool injuries, security failures, or dog bites)
  • Product liability (injuries caused by the use of defective products or inadequate warning labels)

Accidents can be confusing, overwhelming and very stressful. There is a small window of time after an accident where the decisions you make can have a dramatic effect on your future. During this time, you may be dealing with serious injuries, property damage to your vehicle, doctor's visits and the inability to work. Karen has years of experience guiding accident victims through the legal process while filing successful personal injury claims. To learn more in a consultation, please call Karen.

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation, also know as workers comp, work comp, workmans comp and workmens comp, is a state-mandated insurance program, purchased by employers, that provides compensation to employees who suffer a work-related illness or injury. If your workers' comp claim is successful, you will generally be compensated for any out-of-pocket medical expenses that are incurred due to a work related injury and any wages that are lost while receiving treatment or recovering from work related injuries.

Some work related injuries can be so severe that the workers' compensation process can be simple and straight forward. However, this will not be the case majority of the time. Karen will be able to guide you through the process and help you receive workmans' comp benefits you deserve. If you believe your workers' compensation benefits are being wrongly terminated, please give Karen a call.

Insurance law

Karen has extensive experience representing homeowners' insurance carriers in pre-suit and litigation matters involving perils and claims including fire, wind, roof, water, tile, collapse, vandalism, theft, as well as assignment of benefit cases involving water mitigation, mold remediation and animal removal services.

Karen can assist with pre-suit matters including claim investigation, Special Investigation Unit (SIU)/fraud investigation, respond to Civil Remedy Notices, coverage analysis, conduct examinations under oath/sworn statements under oath, and provide legal recommendations on further claim administration.Karen can also represents homeowners' insurance carriers in breach of contract actions and declaratory actions involving coverage disputes, scope of damage, underwriting issues and bad faith lawsuits.

Civil Rights

Civil rights law deals with the protections and liberties enjoyed by the American people. These rights are designed to ensure that people are treated equally and without respect to their ethnicity, gender, or other such attributes.

Primary sources of civil rights law include the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (the “Bill of Rights”), as well as a number of important pieces of federal legislation passed in recent decades. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a notable example of federal law aimed at preventing discrimination. Karen can help with the following:

  • Employment Cases
  • Police Misconduct
  • Criminal Defense
  • Class Actions
  • Consumer Rights
  • Legal Malpractice

If you feel your civil rights may have been infringed, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Furthermore, by initiating a legal action, you may help to bring about positive changes that prevent similar harm to others in your position.